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I committed a grave error by trusting a seller, I wanted to redeem the $4 promotion before it finished since only 20 was left by the time I was gonna buy, and to be able to get the promotion I buyed a gift card from seller coolalf which has a %100 reputation, so I felt I was safe even though i did not have my switch with me to redeem, even if I dont recover my money, the pressure and trusting a 100% is tough, I gave a neutral rating and saying if it can be fixed to send me the correct code in pvt message here and I gladly accept gameflip remove my neutral rating, but seriously, you cant trust even trusted seller, I am hoping seller is honest and can someway provide me with a working nintendo code

Hello @Wolfy_Zero!

Could you please provide me your invite code?

Also, have you opened a dispute for this purchase?

Godspeed! :trident:

AVQW2X and no dispute, like I said I committed a great error to confirm purchase since I had no switch to redeem,l at the momment, saw the promotional code on social media(almost a hour has passed since posted), there was also the other promotional $4 for a $35 or more purchase, that also only 20 was remaining, and the seller has a 100%, I know this is not going my way because of gameflip policies, I was pressures by promotion(u need to confirm purchase for the $4)and way to trusting, believing a trusted and verified 100% seller

fun fact the code is easy to know it does not work, since redeem code in nintendo give a used error code, this one simply does not recognize it has if it does not exist, I have all the proof necessary to simply proof it, only mistake is accepting sales without confirming the product work by the reasons I mentioned above this post, which does not matter the least I could do is give him a neutral rating(since I believe is my fault for accepting a code that does not work) and sent him that way the message to try to see if seller can work this out, because maybe it was a error on a letter or number (which I try to change with no luck)

Small question here @Wolfy_Zero . Did you check the region restriction on the purchase? It looks like his items are US restricted.

Edit: Not sure if a VPN would help you here to redeem.

I am US account always check that mostly and seller feedback rating. All my accounts are US. I live in Puerto Rico, part of US, PSN, Xbox live, google, steam and nintendo all are US region based and many, US or Global in some applicable cases, gift cards redeemed, I learned my lesson about region restriction 1-2 year ago and had issues with codes like in steam, that are not US regions even though it said US region on purchase, and I claim all of those, my main and only mistake by been led by pressure since I was at work free tim3 without my switch and pressure by the chocolate code $4, the $4 promotional $35 purchase and letting myself trust a %100 feedback rated seller is accepting sale, is trusting, when I returned 1h30min later at home, code would work

big promotional code like the $4 one only las a pair of houra at most, and the $4 on $35 or more only had 20 remaining quantities remaining, I was very pressure by promotional, I hoping even if I dont get a working code or money back, buyers read and dont be pressure, and gameflip make some exception or change how some of their promotional stuff work that cause pressure and those pressure may lead to these issues, since for the $4 rebate u need to finalize sales

the must annoyed thing is that you can make a video proving ur account is US based, and directly trying to redeem the same code that is mentioned on sales, with the same error has proven on photo, proving that is not a redeemed code and by gameflip policies i cant do squat, is a strong loss for me who seeked to save and ended loosing

I’m not an employee, moderator or anything I was just pointing out something since I noticed your profile said you were from somewhere else. (I didn’t try the code to verify error because I am not trying to steal anything, additionally I didn’t think to google Mayaguez to see it was in Puerto Rico) Additionally, this is why you get the 3 days to verify the item works before completing the transaction. I know you said you wanted to use the promotion but completing the transaction wouldn’t have altered that use.

The problem is, once you completed you confirmed the item worked and there is likely very little they will be able to do as you should have opened a dispute after realizing it didn’t work instead of rushing to complete transaction over a $4 promo code / promotion.

Again, I don’t work for them so we will have to see what DarkKnight has to say I am just giving my opinion and wanted you to verify something in case it wasn’t something you were aware of.

ah no worries, I still dont understand why people dont recognize PR as part of US been a territory in dispute of a majority to be a state, but that just political, in economic market it pure US market. Also remainder it was $4 promotion + $4 rebate + %100 seller rating feedback + unable to test immediately and with the pressure of both promotion running over, is not illogical for someone under that setting, seeing a perfect feedback, to compromise, and even like I said, if I dont get a working code or money back, I will make other aware to not be pressured, and dont trust even verified and 100% sellers, even them can make sometimes error, and may not even honor to correct the error.

I always typically put the code and then complete transaction and immediately rate, just this one time the circumstances, let just say, it is a learning harsh lesson of trust and loophole policies as my opinion

Hi Wolfy_Zero

I just noticed yesterday when i checked my feedback rating and found an issue with buyer.
Ill gladly send you free new code for replacement to end this issue.

Send me PM . Once again, i apologize for this.


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Hello @jubrilmd!

Please keep in mind that these types of gift cards are forbidden on Gameflip.

Feel free to verify the following Help Center link to learn more about the currently allowed non-gaming gift cards:

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I wrote u in private message let me know if you receive it, thank you

@DarkKnight I was able to communicate seller and fix the issue, I thanks forum mods for their job keeping this place protected and I if needed this thread can be close or let other know that even though I am to blame for closing transaction without checking, @Coolalf 100% reputation completely checks out and when far and beyond the scopes of what a honest seller can or should do right, I am beyond please, surprise because I had partly loose hope with gameflip on other matters but sellers like this should be given their positive remarks. Again I thank you all mods, gameflip and especially the seller @Coolalf

Good day all

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Hello @Wolfy_Zero!

Sorry for the wait and I’m glad that you were able to get your issue fixed by contacting the seller.

Hope you have a wonderful day and thanks for the complements! You Rock!

Godspeed! :trident: