Scammer newest trick ;(

Sell Confirmation scamming people again but this time he aaking people to email them a picture of the card.

I think he doing this for a few reaaon
• they’re try to have evidence to act like its there code
:black_small_square: they may be doing this to have evidence to resell so gameflip thinks its there code being they can email gameflip the picture acting like its there code when they scam ppl.

It looks like they doing everything to scam ppl while protecting them to resell or use code.

Being they scamming ppl with different random cards they much be reselling them.

Just scam this guy out of 120$

Please do something

You should set it up that you can only message/comment a user 2 or 3 times a hours because sell Confirmation try spamming ppl in comment to hide people trying to warn the seller


When using the app it only let you see the last 4 commet yes you could hit the see all comments but i believe new user wont see that and they will see sell Confirmation on top saying he bought it and the seller will be happy and not look at all comments and get scammed.

I told it before,site need username blacklist so It will solve it at least with this kind of names.Biscuit sayd It won’t solve so they will continue as always…

I gave up. I will just report the scammer on there profile.
Sell Confirmation is posting on every new user profile and they seen to be on 24 hours it seen like.

I try warning a few seller when I see sell Confirmation trying to scam them but sell Confirmation will just do like 6 comments with no words in them then post there i bought your card email me it. Sell Confirmation basically over post in comment to block out my warnings to the seller that sell Confirmation is a scammer.

Trying to warn all the new seller on top of my OCD with
Obessess overthinking has become to much for me.

Sell Confirmation does not care abour nothing but getting there codes free by scamming people. They will spam sellers tricking them and for each time i warn the seller 2 second later sell Confirmation spam the seller again.

I will report sell Confirmation only now.

I will go back to helping people with simple issues they have.

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Name blacklist is for real good… and super easy to code and implement

I think gameflip should report this scammer to Police. If he live in USA/CANADA or EU it not gonna be hard to catch him.

I dont think it is one. It might be different people

I think is always same person, or at least there are different but like 3-4 - not big number. At least gameflip should send them warning if they dont stop they will send all to police, i think these kids would stop after this.

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Im just mad i have to work a job or do other things to make money to buy these codes while a this scammer can easily get alot of gift cards with little to no work.l or cash. :sob:

I bet you sell Confirmation makes more money scamming and reselling then I make at my job i been at for 5 years and work 5 days a week 40+ hours a week.

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I doubt that these scammers get away with much, if any at all. Most people are smart enough not to be fooled by this trick. Occasionally when one does fall for it, the scammer gets banned quickly, and their alts (they often do have alt accounts) get banned too.

Just look at the threads where people claimed they got banned for nothing like this one: hey guys i got syuspended with 600$ dollars on my account

Little do they know that their activities are well tracked across all accounts they use.

to be honest guys theses people have no souls they dont cares about others and their feelings they only care about themselves to see that it pisses me oof im glad they are taking responsibility to ban them and catch them and and @TheFuBar i really did nothing i was brand new to gameflip i never changed my username so sell confirmation and all

I seen sell Confirmation get 3 cards last night = easy over 200$. Remember sell Confirmation going after people with 0 rate because sell Confirmation taking Advantidge of new people with there first sell.
50% or more people fall for it sadly.

The fact is sell Confirmation could be usong the codes on there account after people send it to them.

Sell Confirmation easily get to get free cards without buying anyone of them to use or to resell.

If you let people make new accounts so easy regardless if you banned them they will come back to scam in the comments to get codes email to them.

Banning them not helping.

i know that really not cool i once got scammed another way some1 bought my heatwave and i had send him me gt in comment and another dude texted me but without realising it i told me ahahahaha got scammed im the wreong dude n all i was crying and all

You never send any information into someone buy the item or you buy there item.
After they buy it or you buy it you send information in the private chat that only you and the buyer or seller can see.

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io know it was a while ago and still i didnt get any response from any moderator yet tbh if they dont do something about my 400$ i might have to call the police against them i know some1 guilty wouldnt call the police to get the money he scammed for but ive been playing rocket leage since the 1st rlcs twitch video and all that stuff have been earned legit i didnt wanted to go that way but i will if im forced to

Im sure if gameflip banned you and you had a good amount of money on the account gameflip would have a good reason why the account was banned and there nothing the police could / would do to help you.

If you broke the ToS that why you was banned and breaking ToS give gameflip the right to banned the account and being youre using there site you agree when making the account to follow the rules or risk your account/ money being banned.
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they will because the money is nolt theirs its mine i earned it but their platform policy dosent say the money they can keep it as i can read rn but ill wait another day and if they dont temporary unsuspend this account for the withdrawl ill have to unfortunaly that was my gameflip account

You earn it on there site you was told to follow the rules.
You used there site to make money. Its there money into you withdraw it then it become your.

You can fight it all you want. You broke the ToS and banned mean you lose everything on that account. Banned mean the same thing on all sites.

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tos i havent break any rules i was legit the whole time

Maybe you was
Maybe you was not

Gameflip thinks you broke the ToS and they much have good evidence being they ignoring you and banned the account.

You would have to ask gameflip buy submitted a ticket to find out more
I mean do what you much if you think they’re doing wrong.

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