Scammer newest trick ;(


already did no respond in 80 hours?


it was suspended not banned


The question is was it a temporary or permanent suspended.

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ohh because it can be temppory suspended i hope it is in that case because i dont remember have been doing anything wrong


I mean they should of email you with a timeframe after that you would be able to get back on if it was temporary.

Maybe they suspended it to look into more before making up there mind.

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it just says it was suspended


does it means its perm?


That up to @DunnBiscuit being every case if different.
They would know.

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ok well thx you so much Lucy for ur help highly appreciate it :slight_smile:


Private Messages them and ask them what kinda of suspended was it so you know. They would get you a better answer and go more into detail why.
Remember to not go off on moderate try being nice with wording and your replys.

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i did 48 hours ago and nobody responded me yet thats why i was being nice and all


1st - katy is sale confirmation

2nd - sale confirmation sells keys so he can get 5 reputation to comment

3rd - the scammer is from argentina

4th - there is one person doing sale confirmations accounts last 30 days ( period of 30 days or less ) and there is only one banned for commenting and trying to scam ( katy ), @CidxLucy please dont trust katy, he is the scammer

5th - today I talked to the scammer, he has the same english skills as katy


Thanks guys and keep reporting them to us.

We are assessing this situation and we will discuss the best solution. But as you know they will keep coming, so, please keep reporting.

Also, users should pay attention to the warning that Gamedlip won’t comment on listings or anywhere else.

Thank you.


Anything for GAMEFLIP :sparkling_heart:

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Look @DunnBiscuit
(THEY banned them already nice. :sparkling_heart:)

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