Rate First Scam

What’s with this new wave of buying gift card codes and getting a partial code until you rate them?

It’s just the scam that requires the least effort now that GF has taken action to stop some others like comment scams. Once that is fixed there will be a surge in some other method.

It has become a trend using this scam, “missing letter or number” that would be given after rating.
Please report anyone who is using this method.
For Gameflip, please try to do something about it and remove all these scammers.
They are ruining Gameflip.
PS. New users using this method: “SqUiCkY” and “Damian Amores” and “Jenna Ximenez [Online]”
I think they are all the same person, just be careful.

This guy is another one. I am not sure why some of his listings are still live on the site. On the phone app, I can still access to his profile :confused:

I can’t see his profile, so he’s probably banned already.