This Guy is Scamming People on Gameflip, I have proof

He’s fooling people into confirming transactions. He makes them rate him good but luckily someone smart posted in his rating that he says “CODE IN EMAIL”. He lies to them that they’ll get their codes in the email. Please ban him.

  1. Secondly, he is posting his socials on there too.

@MajorTom @DarkKnight

This is his link

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@MajorTom @DarkKnight Please help, he should be banned for scamming and posting his socials

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I have seen this too. He tells them to confirm and rate good and only then they get code in email. Taking advantage of new customers. And then lies “Oh I didnt know, I am new”. He only scams new gameflip users


Yea couple of people told me he scammed them and asked if i can sell as cheap, no one can lol

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Thanks for reporting it to us. This user has already been banned from our marketplace.


it seems one of the 2 scammers that I earlier informed about and got banned, has managed to join gameflip again. Because I see the same trend in his Profile page, and I found out he is a new user and has specifically blocked me? Why would a new user that I did not even interact with block me. Its one of the 2 scammers 100%.

He’s listing Fortnite stuff under CS:GO items, and ppl dont see n buy it.

He also rudely informed a customer that he has codes and fooled the customer into buying the ad. Now the poor customer has been told he won’t get his item for the next 24 hours.

His Profile:

This is where he somewhat

rudely tricked the customer into buying the items, implying that he has codes. However after the customer, Named Joseph Rodriguez, bought the item worth $45, he was told he won’t get the item for 24 hours:

@MajorTom @DarkKnight
He’s lying to people as well

They all choose CS GO, yet post fortnite stuff, think we r dumb

so true , honestly

He asks me to confirm first XD @MajorTom if possible, could you refund me plz? I opened an issue with the bundle

OMG!! See @MajorTom @DarkKnight this dude, bilal is the second person to confirm

I asked @bilal_abuali to buy this cuz I needed a cheap code. N I couldn’t buy cuz as I said earlier, he has me blocked.

And not a surprise, he Is a scammer

Hey everyone!

“Roknar Youtube :zzz:” has been permanently suspended as well.

Thanks for advising!

God Speed! :trident:

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not found LOL .