This guy is scamming


You commented on my lisitng thr warning 1


I have posted the warning on every gift card section on top of it and people still fallā€¦ i give up


@DunnBiscuit my advice is to not ban him. Refund all the buyers and track him down and make him suffer. Make him pay all back and face law


People still fall because He already banned you and your comments are not longer visible


They was banned I believe.

Lucy :heart:


Yes Fortunately is bannedā€¦


Facing same issue

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yesā€¦ But moderators are losing money when they do not take care of their business

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you Know. that guy could get many gift cards from reliable sellersā€¦ so basically the one is affected is gameflipā€¦ because gameflip owe money to the scammed people and possibly to the sellers that sent codes to the scammer guy

it was a huge scam that occured today. and the moderator should look at his IP number and try to find him out or give it to the authorities


My first post here in the community and is about a scammer, pfffff.
On my side I can confirm that this guy is a scammer, yesterday I buy a code and he send me a code of 15 number and said to wait instruction.
The instruction was to confirm and rate the transaction and to put your email in the rating.
After this he will sent you on your email the real code.
I argue with him that I can give him my email on a PM but without result. I asked other people who put their email on the rating list(3 of them) and they answer me that they do not receive nothing on the email.
All this ended with the cancellation of the transaction from the side of the seller.
He drop a big bomb on Gameflip yesterday.


I hope something has been put in place to stop other sellers doing the same thing.

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