Dispute issue with scammer

Hello! I see that you are an active member on the forums so I decided to message you. I bought an in game item from a person but the person told me to accept trade and to give him a good review before he gives me the promised items. I opened up a dispute but I did not put evidence. I have screenshots of chat proving he was trying to scam me. I am a new user to the forums so I can only post 1 image. im sending the image of order number and name of scammer.

If you have the selling said in gameflip comments to rate them before they give you the item and you open a dispute you should win the dispute because its against ToS to tell people to rate someone before getting the item.
Gameflip should be able to look at the comments of the item. They should be able to see what both people said.

You only rate a person after you get the item or code and make sure it’s what you wanted.

If you have other issuses with things feel free to ask @DunnBiscuit they’re one of the moderators.
@Tali & @DunnBiscuit are 2 of the most acted on the forums but there few normal non moderators who can give you help with simple issues or questions.

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Submit a ticket to support here

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