How long does Gameflip solve a escalated dispute and is my evidence sufficient?


About 7 hours ago, i sold a GTA V Rockstar Game key +bonus steam game with no issues. Transaction went smoothly and was completed in a few hours

5 hours later, i sold another copy of GTA V Rockstar Game key + bonus steam game. Buyer has clearly claimed the code on rockstar platform, but submitted screenshots of it not working on a steam platform. He has since open a dispute and escalated it, and im just wondering how long does Gameflip solve a escalated dispute.

Is the evidence that i have provided sufficient? i have provided screenshots of where the game key was bought (from humble bundle), Morning’s transaction (to show that there was no scam), and me giving the bonus steam game through Steam chat.



Escalated disputes might take up a few business days to solve depending on the information that both parties provide.

In order to check your evidence and see if those are enough, can you send me your invite code and order ID via PM?