I need to cancel this transaction ASAP

I open a dispute and it has been 2 hours and im not receiving any kind of response, no from the seller and no from gameflip either. I need someone to cancel the transaction, I really need the money ASAP

Also my order # is e9476fb8-3089-4d59-9060-78961c46e9cd
You can check the evidence also, is clear that he try to scam me

My profile code is RH7W2G
Plz someone help me

Be prepared to wait about a week.

Why?? Is there any problem?

yeh just to let’s u know it’s will be 72h+ as they gave time for the seller to send his evidence also as if his not available to contact u or send his, so don’t expect anything answer in less than 72h its very rare to got a respond sooner

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Ohhh ok thank you so much this information is very helpful, have a good day bro

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just don’t forget to escalate ur case as if u didn’t it’s close to the seller side in 5 days

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Yeah I already escalated to gameflip support team, but again thanks for the help, I really appreciated

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