Buyer regret buying, refund?

Hey there, I have a small issue. A buyer has purchased an item from me (Rocket League Item) I delivered the item and recorded the process but the seller didn’t accept yet the transaction, 1-2 hours later the buyer sent me a message if I can give a refund and he will give me the item back.

So my question is, I can’t give a refund because there is no option for that once I check that I have delivered the item, if he open a dispute he will be even considered or I am good and covered? Thanks in advance!


After delivery has been made you don’t have to agree to any refunds. The customer should have made this decision prior to items being delivered. Just make sure you have all the evidence you need for the dispute if he does choose to dispute it later on

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Yeah he opened a dispute, but I do have all the necessary evidence that the item was delivered. Sad to see transactions turn this way :frowning:

Anyways, thank you so much for the help, have a good day!

Can the seller post the negative feedback in this situation?

It the dispute is not escalated and the transaction auto completed, then yes the buyer can leave a rate. The same if he changes his mind and cancels the dispute

This happened to me a couple months ago but was able to exchange the item for another item worth the same value. It’s all about communication and situations like this help me to never take a quick transaction for granted. So ease your mind knowing you followed procedure.

Good luck!

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