How to rekt scammers! - A text guide #1


First of all, we should explain how the purchase process works on Gameflip.

Purchasing items

After you found what you wanted to purchase, you’ll then press BUY

Then you’re presented with this screen, where you confirm you understand how this transaction works and will place your order

When you purchase anything, your money will be held by us, safely protected until the transaction is completed.

You can read more about the buyer’s guarantee here:

On Gameflip, items have to be delivered before you complete the transaction.

Receiving what you purchased

You will receive the product of your purchase on auto delivery, or in a few days according to the time set by the seller on the listing.

You can also be purchasing a physical item or items that are delivered on a coordinated transfer, in these cases, you and the seller will need to contact each other.

Opening a dispute if something is unusual

At this point, if you notice any unusual behavior from the seller, for example, the seller is asking you to complete the transaction before getting what you purchased you must open a dispute by clicking on Hold Transaction and Open Issue button.

Check here how to properly open a dispute

After a dispute is opened, the 3-day countdown for auto-complete is stopped indefinitely until either you decide to complete the transaction or escalate the dispute to be reviewed and decided by our Support team.

Since your money was held with us, if you escalate it to support, we will be able to refund it and deal with the wrongfully acts of the seller, preventing more damage that this seller could do.

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