Fxck the instruction of Gameflip is so unclear

I put the item on hold as told by the website but then the seller added me and told me that I need to close the dispute to receive the item
So I closed the dispute
He instantly left and I found I was scammed
Gameflip has a clear instruction the not to accept before the item was shipped
But their is no one damn word that the timer counter will set to 0 at instant when I close the dispute
I feel like I was fucked up by gameflip
Even I got all prove and evidence idk could I still get a refund
Holy I got 40usd scammed
Order id: 5451e013-570d-4240-91fe-5af90381db76
Seller: https://gameflip.com/profile/us-east-1:9f7d6f2d-e721-423d-9b1a-ae254e685594/flet-alves
Remember friends, beware and not to get scammed by him

You won’t receive a refund unfortunately but the seller will be suspended for sure.

I found that the seller has multiple account with different name
And therefore I think banning credit card is much more useful than banning the account
Also, of course I want my money back, god damn is 40 usd
But the thing I want most is the answer and follow up for this problem

The count down won’t come to 0 if you remove the dispute. If something like that happened, it means that the transaction was open for more then 3 days.

Do not clear any dispute untill you receive your item. Regardless of what the seller says.

Thank you.

How would you expect me to know this?
The seller just told me as what you said, “The count down won’t come to 0 if you remove the dispute”
I believed him and god damn money is scammed