Fxck Gameflip has their instruction so unclear

So I bought an item on gameflip and the guy didn’t gave me for a long time but stated that it was shipped
I put the item on hold as told by the website but then the seller added me and told me that I need to close the dispute to receive the item
So I closed the dispute and found I was scammed
Gameflip has a clear instruction the not to accept before the item was shipped
But their is no one damn word that the timer counter will set to 0 at instant when I close the dispute
I feel like I was fucked up by gameflip
Even I got all prove and evidence idk could I still get a refund
Holy I got 40usd scammed

Were you using the website, Android app, or iOS app?

When you try to resolve a dispute, there is warning that it will finalize the purchase.

The scammers can be very tricky, so one has to hold their ground and keep the purchase disputed until support can come and resolve it.

Can you post your invite code so the moderators can look up your account?

I am using the mobile app from ios
my code is KXR8D6
and the order id is 5451e013-570d-4240-91fe-5af90381db76

You’re finished, nothing can be done