Sold item. Buyer not responding.


I sold an in game item about 12 hours ago and the buyer has not responded. I have a couple of questions as this hasn’t happened to me yet.

What happens if the 24 hours in reached?
Should I cancel it before the time is reached?
Do I get any kind of compensation from the buyer?


  1. Your delivery time is 1 Day right? Buyer can cancel order after delivery timing is up which means he/she could potentially scam if he/she takes item and press cancel right after.

  2. Depends on you. You can cancel it and relist it or wait the whole 24 hours to see if buyer will reply.

  3. No.

I can advise you to send a message after someone buys your item once your online and send a message every 2-3 hours if buyer did not send any reply. This shows you tried to contact the buyer. If Buyer doesn’t contact you after 24 hours, just cancel the order. Whether you want to block or not is up to you. Block means that the user cannot buy from you nor can he/she write any comment under your listings.


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Thank you for the quick reply Sparkling!

I do have a 24 hour period to deliver the item.
I have sent 4 messages so far with no answer.
Their profit is from this April 2020, with no ratings at all.

If I do cancel now and block, do they still get a chance to give me a rating? I’m just thinking that maybe what they want to do is giving me a bad rating if I cancel before time.

No. They are unable to give you any rating.

If you encounter any unjustified/unreasonable bad ratings in the future, contact Support in Link below and give them your invite code, order ID and some screenshots of your conversation etc. It can be removed if people give you a bad rating for no reason.

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Good to know! I appreciate your help and your swift replies.
Thank you again Sparking :slight_smile: