Seller being short and/or ignoring me

I am new to gameflip and made my first purchase, a rocket league console item, nearly 2 days ago.

It took the seller about 24 hours to respond to anything I had said, and when he did finally respond it basically amounted to “cant tn, will tm”, then changing his mind and saying he’d be on. He had said he would be on last night for the trade, never showed, and then today he told me he would be on to trade and once again, but was not on. Nothing was messaged to me or anything to say why.

I like to give people the benefit of the doubt, so I’d assumed he probably got caught up with something. Then again, I’m new and can’t shake the feeling I’m being scammed somehow, although I don’t know how that would happen. He says he’ll be on, when I ask what time he doesn’t say, and when he finally gave me his gamer tag I checked his profile and it seems (not 100% sure) that he could’ve been appearing offline as of the time the listing was created.

I heard that there is a 3 day grace before an autorate happens, and am wondering if its possible he is waiting until those 3 days have passed or something to get autorated and have my money transferred to him.

Probably just being paranoid, but i’m getting a little fed up.


In the Gameflip Help
you can cancel the order after 3 days, just don’t rate the seller unless you have the received the item as described and working.