Buyer was on vacation, so I waited until they got back - but gameflip gave automatic cancellation and negative review.

This is the second time this has happened and the second time I’ve posted about this. The buyer said they were on vacation so wouldn’t be able to come online so I couldn’t deliver their Rocket League item. I said no problem, I can wait for you to come back.

It seems like there’s an automatic limit of only 15 days, after which the site will automatically cancel the order and give the seller a negative review, even if they tried everything in their power to get the item delivered IMMEDIATELY, well within the specified shipping time. If someone could please review my order with me, I’d love to be able to deliver the item to the buyer or at least reverse the rating.


My code: VZ9P8T

Seller gets plenty of warning of cancellation. Why didn’t you just cancel the order, and the buyer can buy it back when he gets back from vacation? Why wait for this buyer when another buyer can also buy from you?

1) The Seller only gets one warning, and it’s a very strange warning. The warning says “Ship now to avoid cancellation!”, but when you click on the notification, the page it brings you says “Do not ship the item.” Additionally, the warning is talking about the buyer cancelling the order after 1 day, not gameflip. Since I talk with my buyers to arrange a delivery time, there’s no reason to follow the warning.

2) Rocket League items are hard to find because there’s so many sellers. If I cancel the order, it will be impossible for the buyer to find my profile / my item again (since there’s no profile search option on gameflip).

3) I’m not waiting for the buyer. I have many duplicates of the item, so meanwhile many other people are still buying the same item.

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