Buyers Canceling Orders

Just wanted to ask a few questions here. I have quite a few listings that sell each day and I use the 24 hour delivery option, the issue, if it’s even a issue is a lot happens in 24 hours and buyers tend to cancel from time to time. Lately has been more frequent, gameflip sends me message “ failed to deliver buyer can cancel”. I never cancel a open order even if it says do not deliver,I still deliver and everything usually works out. The message I got today says something along the lines of gameflip may suspend your account if this continues to happen. The problem is, the buyer canceling transaction or asking me to cancel is out of my control. I could have canceled atleast 10-15 late orders but I never did. So I don’t understand why gameflip sends me that message if the buyer is canceling or requests me to cancel. I could understand if I’m constantly canceling orders for no reason but that’s not the case. Would like some feedback

if an order is late the buyer is given the option of cancelling the order.
Maybe they are threatning to cancel your account because you are failing to deliver on time.

I’m talking about instances such as, buyer buys item from me(I have 24hour delivery) we arrange to meet up, I send multiple messages, they never message me, we never meet. 24 hours pass they cancel, or they buy a item, game flip doesn’t clear their money for 2 days, they cancel. Some will even cancel and re buy not realizing it’s going to slow down the process and then cancel AGAIN. My delivery times are the fastest, I wish they had a average delivery time posted on my profile of all my sales.

That is why sometimes when I have work or going to take a long sleep for the day, I will remove ALL my listings so no one can buy it. (Remove as in putting it off sale, not actually removing it) Helps a lot since no one could possibly buy it. I usually sell when I am available only because buyers usually want the item within 10 minutes of purchase. If they don’t reply at all throughout the 24 hours, then you can open a ticket to report or something. But you must send a message every 3 hours to show that you have tried contacting them. (Happens quite often to me in the past when I sold a lot)

I understand that you and the buyer arranged a time based on your message. But the buyer did not respond afterwards and they cancel. To prevent such cases, put lead time to 2 or 3 days instead of 1 day. No one is going to really see the lead time that you put. People just buy it if they want it or you could also do it like me. Put all listings off when sleep/work/long time activities. I can say 98% of my buyers respond/write the first message after purchasing the item within 5 minutes of buying. 2% are the annoying ones who never replies/never cancel or reply and just waste my time which in turn will be unfavorable for them since I do report them.

It really depends if this is like a Job or just a fun thing to do to you. All the Best. :slight_smile:

Appreciate your feed back. I wouldn’t mind removing all my listings when I’m not available, it’s just not that easy to remove posts and remake them later on, for now. Maybe that will get changed later where I can just click a box next to my listing to delete, would make things easier. I don’t see it being a full time job for me, only dealing in 76 items, but just in the last month iv had 15 orders canceled, all by the buyer or request to cancel. This happens quite often with new buyers when they have to wait 2 days to buy something

Hi. - Removing as in just putting them offsale. We do not need to remake them. Just enable them again whenever your online. I have 100+ Listed and It takes 1-2 minutes to put them offsale with that button. (Take off sale). Do not need to delete and remake :slight_smile:

Yes, new buyers are quite a pain. However, just send a message to him every 6 hours after you have given the item. If he doesn’t reply and still don’t complete, just BLOCK him after the 3 days. But only 10% of new buyers are like them. Most are friendly and willing to learn how to do things (complete transaction etc) as long as we provide them how to.

I never got a single order cancelled by buyer due to this. Unless the buyer doesn’t even reply after buying, I will wait till he cancels himself. (Happened once)

Ah, learned something new thanks for the information :+1:

Hi I was trying to purchase an item and it was saying your payment has been put on hold. It asked me for ID and I showed my passport , with a selfie and it said it can’t except that . The passport is the only PHOTOGRAPHIC ID I have as I don’t have a driving license.

Honestly not sure, maybe you could contact gameflip direct on forums


We normal people cannot help you with that as we do not know why it doesn’t accept your photo.

Sending a Ticket with all the Information should be the best. Gameflip Support is very Good.