"Do not send your item" -- What's this?

I’ve seen a couple of my orders display this: https://i.gyazo.com/379f86604b4010e7a24c5dc9e032f9e1.png

Can someone fill me in what this is about? Customers are also confused about this.

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You have promised 1 days delivery and if you dont deliver items by 24h buyer can cancel the transaction, that means if you deliver items a few hours late and you dont ship it, buyer can cancel the order and you will end up losing money and items. Suggestion is to use 3 day as delivery time.


I know that much. The problem is that when I do deliver I have no way of saying I did deliver the item and they have no way of confirming they received it.

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Record a video.

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That’s fine. I’ll do that but I have no way of contacting staff through the item order page. I’d have to raise a ticket about it then. It wasn’t like this before. If orders went past the 1 day shipping, customers were just given the option but on my side of things everything remain the same and I could deliver the item later if need be.

I’ve had customers buy things and within 5mins I contact them and they don’t respond for the whole night to only respond the next day, near the 24hr mark. Some even delayed it asking if I could deliver the item later.

Anyone know if there is an option for Buyers to look out for that lets them continue the order despite the delivery time not being met?

Sorry to bother you @DunnBiscuit but can you provide some insight into this? I have this happen to 3 orders this weekend with no fault of my own. The customers were just slow to respond and met up. Hence it taking more than 1 day to deliver.

Yet now I have no way to mark that I delivered it and the customer has no way of acknowledging it. So what do we do?

I Already said what should you do

I don’t need you yelling at me, dude.

That message is an entirely new one. I’ve been doing this a couple months now. If Gameflip staff changed how this system works I’d like to know more info. Especially when the delivery time up the only option left for me is to “Cancel Order” and if I do that then I’ll see this message:

You are responsible for updating your on sale listings to reflect the availability and accuracy of your item. Frequent failure in fulfilling sale orders of your listing may result in suspension of your account.

I don’t know about you but I don’t want my account suspended because customers take their time to met up in game so I can deliver their items. This isn’t a game where trade bots can do it all for you.

Update on this – If you are unable to deliver your items on time then it will be automatically canceled with a message saying “Do NOT Ship this item.” Yet despite that my phone still gives me the message that now the customer can cancel and I should quickly deliver the item.

Speaking of trying to deliver the item. After said delivery time is up and you are told to not ship the item, you are still able to speak with the customer but it appears they get no options on their end on extending the sale. Can someone confirm/deny this?

Finally and here’s the kicker after being locked out of trying to deliver it –

The purchase transaction for “####### | ##” has been canceled due to failure to ship within the handling days stated. Because of this, you have been rated poorly for this transaction. Please make sure to ship items in a timely manner for all future transactions.

So if your timer runs up, you are doomed to get a poor rating. This is just wrong and messed up. I am frankly afraid of trying to do anymore 1 deliveries because of this. Despite being fully capable and online for much of the day, I still am having trouble delivering the items to the customers because of their schedule. Not that I mind waiting the extra day or so but if Gameflip is going to punish me for not being speedy enough. Then I’ll just stop the 1 day delivers.

It is just sad it had to come to this without any warning or heads up to the community.

The “do not send” message is to curb the scam of buyers canceling right after the seller actually delivers an item in game (the buyer’s ability to cancel is only available after the “Seller sends in” time).

Don’t worry about the “Frequent failure in fulfilling” warning when you want to cancel. Just state in the reason as the buyer themselves being late (not your fault). If you as a seller cancel then you won’t get a negative rating.



I just read all the post.

First I’d recommend you to start using the 3 days delivery as was suggested previously.

Secondly, I make @galacticarm words mine when explaining to you the reason that the system changed.

Now, I agree that it may be a little bit confusing and I’ll be glad to investigate any misleading aspect this new feature has, so, can you please upload here screenshots of the parts you think that is confusing/misleading so we can discuss it better?

Also, if you get bad ratings due to needing to cancel some exchanges that couldn’t be delivered, let me know I can remove them for you as well.