Waiting for acceptance....

could they reduce the wait time from 3 days to 1 day
it’s better to wait 8 days than to wait 10 whole day to get a payment for 1 item only

Hello Raven

you Could tell the buyer to complete the payment for you!

he’s not replying
it’s so annoying tbh
like 1 day is enough

Well it happens all the time with the buyers, just wait for it and it will be automatically Accepted by gameflip!

imagine waiting 10 whole days to get money for 1 item
it used to be 3 days for the whole thing
it’s so frustrating

ah, you have to wait 10 days wow i thought its only 3 days i didn’t use it for a while tho

Yeah… 7days for the transaction
3 days for the buyer…

that’s alot of time

The 7 days review time will get reduced when you sell more. I get my money instant now but nothing you can do with the 3 days waiting for acceptance.