Question about pending

Is there a certain amount of sales you need in order for the pending time to be less? Because I’m at 27 sales and mine is still a 2 day waiting period. Or will the pending period always be 2 days?

What pending time are you referring to?

When you sell an item and someone buys it.

So when someone buys your item and it says pending?


Wallet pending from the sales.

What are you selling?

Does the pending depend on what I sell?

If you are selling in game codes or gift cards (maybe?), the hold is there so if there is a problem with what you have sold, Gameflip will be able to refund them if sufficient evidence leads them to do so. I might be completely wrong but it makes sense to me why they seem to all have a 3 day duration as the buyer has 3 days to complete a transaction. If a buyer has a problem after completing the purchase, they can report it to Gameflip and let them handle the situation.

You might want to leave a profile code or an order id here so when a mod reads this, they can quickly check it for you and provide a more complete answer.

Ah, yea, that’s understandable. I don’t sell codes/giftcards though, I sell in-game items. I was just curious if there’s a certain amount of sales that will decrease the pending time. Okay, I’ll do that, thanks for the suggestion.

My profile code: 6HDQHR
The $10 order ID: 111df84c-4de6-4ae1-813f-10a260b5ff0d
The $2 order ID: d515cdf0-bc88-4f6d-b3cb-8f72be858b17

Yeah, for in-game items, idk then. It might be for new users based on age of account to prevent possible fraud/money laundering activities (items get stolen -> sold quickly on a site like Gameflip -> withdraw money). This all my theory, hopefully a mod can answer your inquiry. Good luck.

Alright. Thanks for your help.

It’s a system for new users, the more good rates u get eventually that pending time will go lower And eventually you won’t have pending at all.

Yea, do we know how many ratings is needed though?

Never mentioned an amount so I couldn’t tell you I just remember reading on this a while ago

Okay, thanks for your help.