Any chance to shorten the time required to complete transaction?

I’ve sold to quite a few listings to newcomers, which have 0 ratings or a few. They dont seem to bother rating me, thus i have have to wait for 3 whole days to receive my money. I understand that some people buy from gameflip and sell them elsewhere. But damn, i feel like its a waste of time that i have to wait 3 whole days + another 3 days for my pending cash to go into my wallet. On top of that, i don’t receive any ratings at all.


The older your account gets and the more you sell will help make this time diminish.

Unfortunately there is no way to speed up this process manually.


I understand, my “pending cash” has been reduced to 2 days already. But is there any chance where i get an automatic positive review if the person did not rate me/complete transaction?

Ratings are now optional, buyer can complete transaction without rating you.