Why are my funds pending?


Hello Flippers,

In response to malicious sellers trying to exploit the marketplace and scam legitimate buyers, we have decided to start holding the proceeds of sales for few days after a sale is complete.

Depending on how old your account is, how many items you sold through your Gameflip account and what types of items you are selling, your cash from completed sales could be held for days or hours.

As your account matures as a seller, the amount of days that the cash from completed sales is held will be reduced and eventually it will not be held anymore.

To see how many days and hours are left for your sales proceeds to become available, please go to Wallet > Activity and locate the sold items which proceeds are being held.

We hope you understand that this is just another step to keep making Gameflip a more transparent and safe marketplace for all users.

In case of any issues, please check our Help Center or open a ticket via website or app Support page.

Happy Flipping!



This is such a great idea, I love it!


I don’t think it’s a great idea. You don’t just punish the scammers, you also punish the legitimate sellers whose accounts aren’t old yet. My buyer gets what he bought instantly but I have to wait?
This is also extremely annoying because not all buyers rate within 3 days so at times I’m forced to wait 5 days to get paid😅

Maybe you could manually “whitelist” people? Especially the ones who have the gold subscription?


This makes sense obviously but my funds don’t have a timer under them and I’ve been waiting for my purchase to go through


Timer should be available on the Activity page. Could you please verify?


We understand that the system is not perfect, but we can tell that so far it’s been working against selling scam. If you continue to sell, your account will get less penalties and eventually no penalties at all.


You have a point, and I shouldn’t complain so much but I’ve been waiting 2 days and 23 hours for someone to accept my item, 3 days for an action that takes 10 seconds to do and it severely triggering me.

Anyway, on topic: Any idea how long it takes before there are no penalties at all? Days? weeks? months?


The algorithm relies heavier on activity rather than how old the account is.
So the more trust and positive reviews a seller has, the lower the penalty.


Man im sorry for writing it at here but i have bought a $50 item on rocket league and the seller verified the order even tho he didnt deliver anything im triying to contact gameflip for 5 days please i need help


Did you open a dispute? https://gameflip.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/115000885633-How-to-open-a-dispute-

That kind of help is done via ticket. When you open a dispute, your message goes to our support and they will take care of it.


I agree that it seems unfair than the buyer gets their code instantly, but I have to wait for them to rate me before I can even start the waiting process. I sold 9 gift cards a couple nights ago, 8 went off without a hitch, but I am still waiting for the money to be available (the countdown clock started at 3 days), but I have one buyer that still after almost two full days has not submitted a rating. So now I’ve gotta wait for him to rate me or for his 3 days to be over & only after that will the additional 3 day wait for the funds to be available. I have sent 3 messages to this seller & he has not responded to any of them. It just seems really unfair that this guy is free to use MY gift card on iTunes, but because he refuses to follow the rules & rate me, I have to wait for 3 days to give him the chance to rate me & THEN once he either rates me or his 3 days is over, I’ve still gotta wait an additional 3 days for my money to even be available for withdraw to my PayPal account & I’m almost afraid to find out how long it’ll take for the money to actually get into my PayPal account.


I was facing the same problem with my account. I couldn’t find my fund anywhere. As I am a Mac user so I contact Apple Customer Support. but they told me that the problem is not from their end. I have asked this question many times on forum but no reply got. So I lose my hope.



Can you PM me and tell me what your issue or question is?