my last completed sale money will be available in 4 days!


I sold an item a few hours ago and the buyer completed the transaction fast, but the money for that completed transaction will be available in my Wallet after 4 Days!!!
I remember after 50-60 positive feedbacks, the money for the completed transaction was available in my Gameflip Wallet without pending time.
I had no problem with my buyers ever and I have not poor or neutral feedback.
is TOS changing or something?


The moderators would need your invite code, the order #, they will look into it and reply shortly.

Remember its the weekend so reply maybe little slower then normal.

Lucy :heart:

my code: 4714U7

Moderators may need the order # too.

They will reply once they’re on

Remember its not how many sells you have its the older your account is the faster you get $ without it pending.

"As your account matures as a seller, the amount of days that the cash from completed sales is held will be reduced and eventually it will not be held anymore."

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I had no pending time for last 3-4 months.

order ID: 68b57464-d2c0-4603-8ae9-450592828236


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Hi, a lot of sellers are facing this, including me, pretty sure your pending time on transactions will be gone soon enough :slight_smile:


Yes it seems to be a new policy I have the same problem I have been selling for 18 months no problems. I have emailed an I got this reply

"Thank you for contacting us.

After changes in our sales system, accounts need a larger history of good sales and purchases to be completed automatically. "

Can you try and get a solid response on exactly how many sales/ purchases ( with good ratings) one would need in order to receive instant funds? Would greatly appreciate a round estimate at least.

50 completed sales.

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I currently have over 150 completed sales, yet game flip has chosen to replace the 4 day hold on my sales

Have you gotten past this and receiving instant funds again?

nope. i have about 30-40 completed ones if i’m not wrong, they have yet to give me the summary for March 2019 as sales proceeds are yet to be transferred to my account

Unfortuantely there is no particular number. The more you sell and the more you use your Gameflip account, more this time will diminish.

Thank you.

Thanks just why did it start again release was instant up to last week

I had no pending time for last 3-4 months, now I have 4 days pending time for completed transactions.
it is annoying when you switch from no pending time into 4 days for no reason and I believe this kind of ToS changing should apply for new users.

however I`m not a big seller and always use my sales money to buy stuff on Gameflip.
I would be happy if my pending time turns back to instant.

Thanks A LOT!

I think the moderator was answering @U.S.ArmyMP question.

If you want try DMing them or Submit a ticket it could be a bug.

Lucy :heart:

There is no bug here, it is a system change.

Thank you.

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my 4 days pending time reduced to 2 days after 5 completed sales, but my latest completed sale pending time turned back to 4 days again!

I’m still on 4 days that would not be too bad but are you finding that no one is completing sale an letting them run for the full 3 days. Also it does not automatically complete the sale until you go and look at it so my last completed sale was there wait a extra 8 hours then when I looked at the sale I got a email saying it was complete. Then you have to wait the 4 days for money to be released. They must me making a fortune on all this money the are holding for 7 days in interest.

why you just say ‘system change’ without more information? how long this last and when does it end? been on here for long time and suddenly have lengthy waits. Buyers not rating + long wait no good. At least deduct the time the buyers take by not rating from this delay. Some of my sales have long wait, some have none, some have short wait. Why so random and inconsistent?

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