Fund pending from completed sales

It happens not only to me but other sellers as well. We have hundreds of successful sales already but recently, all fund is pending instead of being available immediately. Is this a glitch?

I don’t think so.

I can give you more information if you send me your invite code via PM.

Thank you.

Yes the same happened to me. I emailed and they said it’s a new anti scamming measure. But I’ve been on here for over a year never had a problem. I have started to find more people are not completing trade and leaving them to auto complete so you have to wait 3 days for that then 4 days for funds to be released on top of that so it’s about a week. I suppose we have no choice really has they are no other sites so they can do what they want really.

Exact same issue here, really annoying.

Yes same!
Just realized that today.
It was always instant for me, but now i have to wait 3 days and 22 hrs.


My invite code VE4FXD
I have sent a PM.

wow this is real sucky. With half my custys waiting 3 days for sale to complete + 2 for pending funds…

me too and i’m an old seller here :confused:

how long until my funds are instant like the were in the past?!

There is no exact sales n number or rating at the time honestly I think it will be in the thousands I would just very used to a 4 day wait for funds

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