After a order auto-completes, Do i still have to wait the pending time to receive my funds like I usually have to on a normal order, or will I receive them right away?

I recently sold a 20$ item to a obviously new buyer, but after I sent the item, communication with them just got extremely hazy, and It’s starting to tick me off. This was a day ago, and the timer for the sale has 2 days left, and they have yet to respond to anything I’ve been saying. Will I get my funds right away after the order auto completes after the 3 days? Because I don’t think they’ll respond back and bother completing the order, or will I have to wait ANOTHER 3 days after the order auto completes like I would usually have to after I finish an order?

Yeah, you’ll get the money immediately.

Edit: read this question wrong, you’ll have to wait more, sorry…

It depends on the number of sales you have. If you usually have to wait 3 days pending (new seller) after a transaction is completed, then yes you would need to wait 3 more days.

As you get more sales, your pending time will decrease.