First time selling, and money is pending. How long will the money be pending in my wallet?

I’ve been using Gameflip for 4 years and my account is verified. I have lots of positive feedback for purchases I’ve made, but yesterday I made my first sale. The buyer completed the transaction and now the money they sent is in a pending state. How long will the money be pending in my wallet?

My code is BEJHVS


Sale proceeds are in pending. How long depends on what you sold. There is a timer that will tell you how long it will be in pending.

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Thanks… I had to go to the Activity tab to see when the funds will be available to me.

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Even if you have the sold funds available in your account, if you buy something, your top up balance will be deducted first before allowing you to use your sold funds balance. At least that is what happened to my 2 sales I did here.

I think its a few days to stop scammers. If you need the money instantly its better to sell few days before you need it.