Balance stays pending

Hi, I have an issue
Although both sides completes transaction, my money stays as pending over a day and therefore, I cannot purchase items I like. I’d request your assist mods.


Transaction order ID: 400c443d-f07e-4928-9e2a-f982865cf17f

Omg same! I just sold something and although both sides completed the transaction it says my money is pending for over a day. This is genuinely worrying me! what is happening to Gameflip?!?

Can any mod or admin please have a look into this?

My profile code: ESEFZ1


This happens when you don’t sell enough items, regardless it will be pending for 1-2 days. The more you sell, the less time there is for this… although no matter what every time I sell items, its at least pending for 1 day.

I’ve been selling on Gameflip over 2 years and this is the first time I see it took that much time to stay as pending. They should take a look into that, otherwise, I won’t be able to use discount code before it expires.


They updated that a while ago, I personally find it terrible since we already have to wait around 1-3 days to receive bitcoin. Not to mention the buyers that forget to complete some of our transactions.

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What is considered selling enough items? sure I might not be a big seller yet but I have atleast over 150 sales it shouldn’t be that long to unpend imo, specially when bitcoin also takes a while long to come through.

Also due to the pending balance I won’t be able to withdraw part of the amount to my paypal and the site is removing it tomorrow.


Unfortunately, due to some recent changes, we had to apply a new set of rules to sellers.

It’s a measure to reduce the scam attempts in our marketplace. We hope you understand that it will be beneficial to every user (both buyers and sellers) on Gameflip in the long term.

As you establish a good selling record over some time, the number of days that the cash from completed sales is held will be reduced.


Yea, I assumed it was for safety measures.

But also I think it would be cool to know the ratio/ how many completed sales we need… etc
Just to have a bit more of control and such.


I have been waiting almost 3 days on a skin code I purchased, is this normal? I verified everything I was supposed to including my credit card, I’m not sure what else I’m expected to do, kinda worried at this point and frustrated, seriously debating cancelling and using another site. I’ve read 1-2 days but it’s already been over 2 days, how long am I supposed to wait? Really confused.

Can you provide any assistance?

Hello Cody,

I see that you were asked by the support team to send the 4-letter code verification. So I suggest that you check your bank statement for the code and reply to our email with it. For more information on how to find your code, please check the article below.

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I have sent that via e-mail because the directions on where to enter it manually aren’t accurate.

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