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Ive Been Selling Codes - Ive Made Around $150 I Cannot Use The Money As It Says its Pending For 6days can you please help me and enable me to access it so i can buy and transfer money thanks account code : CRVVYL

Please Let Me Use My Money !

If you sold items using Gameflip it will say pending. The time on how long its pending can be effect by alot of things. The more sell & the older your account will reduce the time you would need to wait.

You should be able to see when the money will come off pending.
Why is my cash pending?

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Likewise for me a few months back, kinda frustrated from it, but now i dont have any timer. Based on my experience, first 10 sales (people who rated) was 3 days, then it decreases to 2 days for the next 10 sales and ratings, then 1 day for the next 10 sales and ratings, then the timer for pending cash is removed. So yeah, you got to have patience.

Okay my accounts just been randomly suspended , ive just lost over 100$ And ivenlost lots of profit apparently ive been banned for asking buyers to send Full Transaction please help ! Ive just lost all my income 166$ to be exact!

Contact Gameflip Support by submitting a ticket here

Asking people to rate you before giving the item is not allowed. If you think ganeflip did wrong please click the link @Wayz_Shop has provided.

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