Pendig Amount from completed sales

When does the pending cash (sales proceeds) time start decreasing? I have sold over 200 dift cards wit all 100% positive feedbacks and i still need to wait days.
I have readed here in forum that users with 20-50 completed sales gets the money instantly

new sellers need wait several days for get clear money after sale

Thanks. What do you mean about “new seller”? I have signed up on September 2018

i think you new started to sell in here

At the beginning it used to be like that. Later a seller with 100 positive feedbacks you would get the money instantly. But a few weeks ago they changed it again and it doesn’t only depend on how many positive feebacks you have, but also on how old your Gameflip account is. I don’t think the mathematical equation was ever made public, so I don’t think anyone knows exactly what to do to receive the money quick after the sale other than “have an older account and sell a lot and eventually the wainting time will drop”.
As a seller the main problem for me is having to still wait after the initial 3 days because a LOT of buyers do not complete the sale after redeeming the code so I usually have to wait 3 days (for the purchase to get through) + X days of pending money to finally receive the money.

I wish there would be a system of either not having to wait more time if the buyer made the seller wait the whole 3 days for the purchase to be completed or just having to wait very little. Eg.: adding a maximum of total 90 hours for the money from the purchase to be received, so if the buyer made the seller wait 3 days for the purchase to automatically go through, the seller would only have to wait the maximum of 18 more hours to receive the money.

Exactly Man. In 90% of my sells i need to wait 3 days because they did not complete the sale

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