Gameflip - Reinstate Fresh Top End

I have been notified that for some reason Gameflip suspended my favorite seller, Fresh Top End. While I am not sure about what the posting rules are for selling (as I’m not in that market), I would like to say that Fresh Top End has ALWAYS been a fair and quick seller, as I have purchased from him numerous times. Always having the items I have purchased in stock for a quick sale. I understand that Christmas is here and you may be slow in his reinstatement, though you as a company are loosing out on decent sales percentages because of selling volume not being produced by Fresh Top End. Like most of his buyers, I will not be spending money on Gameflip items until this is rectified. I hope that this suspension is in error and not bad faith from others selling on your site, as I have had nothing other than great customer service while buying from Fresh Top End.

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Was it maybe because he had a bigger balance? I know from other platforms that they like to block sellers which have a big balance, making some reasons up to keep that balance, would be interesting to know if Gameflip also applies such strategies or if the seller really has to do something wrong/bad in order to get banned.

If he wouldn’t spam so much maybe you could see more fair sellers :smiley: Glad to see gameflip do something to protect other sellers who are not using script

To be honest he is never the first one to pop up when searching for items, so that logic is false. Also after getting annoyed that Top Fresh End didn’t show up when searching, I decided to favorite the seller. I’m not sure what you mean when you refer to “spam” as I’ve indicated i’m not a seller, but sticking a smiley face in your post seems a tad bit salty. If you are a seller and other buyers read your post, they most likely will think twice before purchasing from you after seeing that “tongue in cheek” comment.

First of all , Im happy gameflip is not letting them and I hope they do this for all of spammers you said.So this logic is not wrong.Secondly, I was going to buy keys like 2 weeks ago he spammed 4 pages of key offer and I bought for cheaper when I went to 5th page. Also I think you are alt acc of FreshTopEnd because you are threatening gameflip for not buying items. Do you think there is only FreshTopEnd is selling items on gameflip? Using script or api is helping to spam that produces advantage over other sellers. I advice you not to create fake accounts on this forum and behaving like you did nothing wrong Mr.FreshTopEnd :smiley:

For one, I am not Top Fresh End, and to suggest that means you think lowly of your selling ability/buying ability to resort to that very pathetic tactic. I also hope Gameflip looks into all of the accusations that you are throwing around, because others with your whiny child mentality will ruin this site, and you clearly seem to have major issues, no doubt do to soy and low T.

Threatening Gameflip is not child mentality right ? :smiley: I wanted to say you were defending him like you were that guy. As I said before , I hope all spammers will be removed from this community. And we are talking about a guy who got more than 100 poor rating. You can see other sellers got 3000 feedback with only 1-2 poor rating. If you defend him like that all of us could think the same (in my opinion ofc). If he trusted his selling items ability, he wouldn’t use that API. If you think Im wrong, you can say why he used that API.

All I’m hearing is salty, salty, salty… I didn’t threaten anyone, just using my power as a consumer and letting them know as a marketplace. Rating wise, I’m not sure, but I believe he has over 3000 positives, so I would say that’s in the error of margin. As far as if a seller uses some API, I don’t know what it is, though if its allowed for the site I don’t really care. I work odd hours and If I buy something and can get it quick, I will continue to use said service. Stating that anyone could jump to the conclusion that I am that seller just because I happen to like someones customer service, is a poor excuse for not exercising your brain logic. I will say that this is informative and you seem to be at the center of the initial issue, considering your jadedness. Perhaps Gameflip can use your “salt” to clear the issue up.

" I will not be spending money on Gameflip items until this is rectified." this shows everything for me. Also, I can explain what is the advantage of using API. For example, If you use that API, you can create 1000 offers in a few minutes and your offers constitues 95% of the page. And it’s wrong because other sellers are not using that API. Also, I don’t care your vulgarity. It shows your personality. He deserves buyers like you :smiley:

Do you read? It’s the power a consumer holds… Also, is using an API allowed? Please reply. Though I have doubts you will because in 2018 calling someone “salty” is now vulgar and hurts the feels

if it was allowed, he wouldn’t get banned. And Im not talking about “salty”. not exercising your brain logic, low T, whiny child mentality, major issues… I hope you will be happy with him forever and he would change his selling strategy for equality

“Hope you will be happy with him forever”, as if I personally know him. Not to mention, forever is a falsehood as nothing on this rock lasts forever, especially life. But I digress. With a quick google search, it seems the site provides an API for listings for sellers to use… When someone harps as strong as you have (which is very curious), false allegations can ruin a business and get said business suspended and/or banned. Which by your last sentence, is very salty with a sprinkle of SJWness. It seems your very invested in punishing other sellers… Equality… for reals? :rofl::rofl: How about working harder and less whining dude. There’s a free life lesson for ya chadwick.

Fresh Top End - Apologies to my Gameflippers who Purchased after 12/20/18 He says he get banned because of those reasons. You shouldve read his post before writing that. I hope he do this job forever and you would buy from him. Is it ok for you now? I quit from this post. I think you will keep doing this

"The preceding assumption was that I was spamming / deleting my posts.

For me the rules were ambiguous because what constitutes “spam” and what constitutes “posts?”

… Maybe you should understand the English language a bit better. I would keep this up as I detest people who think social justice and punishing others because they don’t have the borg mentality and thus need to be beaten into submission is just. Which it is not.

Yes, you are correct. English is not my main language and I didn’t understand it clear. But spamming like creating 1000+ offers for one item is still wrong for me. Apologies for wrong info

Your ignorance is doesn’t stem from language issues, its just flat out ignorance.

As far as negetive reviews, if a seller Posts an item for 1 day delivery, and (for example) a buyer doesn’t respond + goes afk for two days, and the purchase automatically gets cancelled, the seller automatically recieves a negetive rating for failure to ship in the given time-frame.

If you cantact gameflip, they will pretty much remove any negetive review… I haven’t bothered to contact gameflip to remove a single negetive review and the vast majority were AUTO negetive reviews. If you check back on my gameflip I will probably have another 50 or so AUTO negetives due to the current mess.

Guarantee you with 100% certainty those other sellers either have bot trades that auto genrerate positive reviews, (aka cs-go keys) or they removed tens if not hundreds of negetives. My negetives is still under 5% should I care enough to remove them? Maybe. I chose not to because I’ve had many buyers say “give me free stuff or I’m leaving a negative” to which I can reply “i already have over 100 i dont care”

If you’re not a steam seller on gameflip why don’t you link your gameflip profile so I know I’m talking to instead of hiding behind that forums username. If you have a problem with me come see me on my post and address me personally.

so much of what you said is dumbfounded im not even going to bother responding to them.

Please avoid making assumptions and arguing about this.
We will take care of your suspension since it was not a permanent one, please bear with us as most workers were out for the holiday and we are still checking the requests.

Thank you that was all I needed as I’m getting repeated messages from buyers and have absolutely nothing to say to them.