Fresh Top End - Apologies to my Gameflippers who Purchased after 12/20/18

This issue has been resolved. I will be delivering today. Please give me some time to organize and make sense of the orders.

On a side note if you purchased something from me and was provided instant delivery, please help me out by stating in this discussion that you got the items instantly!

Just wanted to say that I’ve used FreshTopEnd many times and they’ve always delivered no issue. Hope he comes back!

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Check this topic

Using API is an advantage, not spam tool, if you have indeed that much items, make some time, list all of them at once and wait. Sell your items all of them, then re-stock. What about people who started selling recently, they can’t be seen because of you ? Gameflip is an amazing market with great prices and sellers but constantly spamming isn’t good :confused: . I dont know if your suspension is permanent but wait for Gameflip support to reply.


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thanks for the reply and I agree with everything you said. I’m not against fair market competition.

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FreshTopEnd is legit with items, Traded with him twice and has always has been friendly and timely.

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Edit: Staff is Afk for Christmas…

Be careful next time :wink:

“We will take care of your suspension since it was not a permanent one, please bear with us as most workers were out for the holiday and we are still checking the requests.”

Bear with me I believe today or tomorrow I will have something to tell you guys.

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