Account Suspended pls help!

Hi. My account was just suspended for “Asking users to rate transaction before sending item/code” yet I have never done this. Matter in fact all the items I have ever sold were auto delivery. What’s the deal? Is this a common occurrence? Contacted support but heard from others that they will not reply to me. Looking for advice or help pls Your Code: 4X7YW7

Post your invite code so the mods can recognize you.

The code on my profile is 4X7YW7

Still waiting, how long is the support turn around anyway? Two business days and not a word - absolutely terrible. I’ll be satisfied if admins can provide me with evidence I asked users to rate first (hint: there’s none because all my listings were autodeliver). I will also accept a lifetime membership to the Gameflip Club as compensation for their wrongdoing. Cheers.

Get off your high horse. Your demands for lifetime services are laughable.

haha, this isn’t amazon… even if you arent guilty, you can consider yourself lucky if you get anything back :smiley:

Lifetime services for an incorrect ban that is looking to last weeks given current support times is completely reasonable. Gameflip has made hundreds of dollars worth of commission fees from my sales. It’s the least they can do to be honest. The sort of expectations of low service put forward by you and Ruhenot are exactly why gameflip can get away with such terrible service.

I don’t have an issue with their services because I don’t ask users to rate before delivering or do other sketchy things. The system is currently pretty black and white if you understand how it works. Also, my expectations aren’t low. I actually regularly submit feedback on how they can improve their services over the years and have seen almost all of the issues addressed. They are constantly adapting the site based on feedback, new scams, and adding support for new games. They go above and beyond to contact companies like Steam to verify redemption dates to protect users. That high level of support along with every scammer on the site trying to get their account restored via this forum slows down the support process.

Enjoy spending your day on here bashing the site, making silly demands, and trying to find sympathy with other scammers.

Hello, I will investigate your case, please give me some time.

Thank you.

Wow 18 days and not a peep of help. SAD.


Sorry for the delay.

I was able to remove the suspension from your account after further investigation. We apologize for any delay this have caused.