I have an advice about transaction expiring day

The customers usually wants from sellers that delivering the item that they bought in 5 minutes within 10 comments rapidly that says "be quick,“dont make me wait or ill leave a bad feedback” etc but after i delivered the item as soon as possible, this kind of customers usually being lazy about completing the transactions.We the sellers are not authorizied enough about this situation and we usually have to wait for 3 days.Here is my advice, if we were getting expected to deliver the item in 1 day, we should expect them to complete the transaction in 1 day, but they dont even have to cause they have rights to keep it uncomplete for 3 days and i think thats kinda unfair.I dont want to send messages to buyers like “please complete the transaction in 1 day” because they must ve completed in 1 day in my opinion.

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I love how it is now and wish it never changes!!!

Thank you so much Gameflip for being awesome! I hope you keep growing and growing more and more! :smiley:

I love Gameflip :heart_eyes::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:

I understand, it’s really bad when they don’t accept the order when they get their item, it’s really annoying, but if he does or she, you can simply leave him a yellow rate so people will know that he or she doesn’t accept the order when they get what they want…:confused:

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Hey yakup_Akkus!

Sorry for the inconvenience this has caused.

I understand your point, but you also have the right to deliver the item Immediately or 1-3 days.

Also, the reason why the buyer is able to wait these 3 days is to avoid any fraudulent activity from the seller’s side by giving the buyer time to open a dispute or resolve an issue with the seller.

Sometimes a code could get revoked from the users account in those 3 days or there might be another issue that could be easily resolved by the seller and buyer within those 3 days.

God Speed! :trident: