Complete transaction

I am so tired of new buyers, and actually veterans, not accepting the transactions. I get kids who message me every 45 seconds until I am able to deliver and they have the nerve to not send the money for 3 days. Is there anything that can be done about this? Maybe shorten the timer to 24 hours or something??

Unfortunately no… I usually just rate them neutral after, because we all know they wont rate me anyways. I had one kid bug me to deliver the code even though it was auto delivery… and I had to message him telling him the code was to his right… and then After a day I asked if everything was good and if so, can he please complete transaction. Never happened, so I neutral rated them. Making me wait 5 days for the money…

You can go to different site when transactions can be done in minutes. People won’t hesitate to humiliate you if you don’t answer them. 3 days is enough to deter most scammers out here

By your logic… why improve anything right? I guess we should still be on dial-up internet.

If there is still a big market for dial-up, there’s no point in switching it to the cable especially people prefer using dial-up