Seller keeps on canceling orders for no reason

The seller, Super Deals GC, keeps on canceling my orders without any reason. Both times, I’ve been willing to cooperate and wait for him to deliver his code, but he would always disappear right after saying he was ready to deliver and then cancel it. Is there no penalty for canceling orders, as I’ve been getting cancels after cancels, and always have to wait for the refunds to go back to my bank? A bit tired of this.

No punishment for canceling at all? It makes buying off game flip less preferred if the seller keeps on canceling all the time on someone.

I wouldn’t keep buying from that user if they keep canceling your order. A moderator would need to reply to answer if there any punishments for someone who keep canceling.

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Can you tell me the items you were purchaing? Also can you share some order IDs so I can check this further?


Super Deals GC canceled my order 30 minutes ago. Also canceled an order a few weeks ago. Thats twice now in 1 month. I waited in the purchase chat and told him I was ready. I have no problem waiting on the item. Now I have to wait for a refund and it’s the weekend!

ae6b8756-676f-49be-a15b-ae5af0ae84b5 from today
7bf6d35b-2e6d-44f9-a0bc-c27b28906d0b from March 11th

I like Gameflip and want to remain a member, but having to wait for my refund twice now in 1 month is ridiculous. Something needs to happen to this seller.

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EBO Digital Store canceled 2 of my orders in a week

Hello @Craig_Brooks,

Sorry for the inconvenience this has caused.

Have you tried contacting the seller to understand why he is cancelling the orders?

Also, could you please provide me the orders’ ID so I can take a look?

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I tried to contact seller no response. That’s why I mentioned it here. Could be a good reason why they canceled. always give them a chance to explain why.

here are the order ids sorry for delay in answering back,


same seller no response when asked then he puts the items back up for sell

i have messaged you please reply

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Can’t find the message you sent me 5 hours ago

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I think he was replying to DunnBiscuit

yes i was replying to DunnBiscuit,he hadnt responded until now

Hello @Craig_Brooks,

Sorry for the wait.

Thanks for the report on this seller.

I will make sure to leave a note on the seller’s account so we can keep a watch ok.

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Its happened to me quiet a few times and from day one when i joined game flip I so this has a massive problem and ruins buyers user experience and game flip will lose out so i cannot understand why they do not deal with these sellers.

Its blatantly obvious there listing games they do no own its like drop shipping game codes. They see a game for very cheap say a deal on a game key website they list the games for a bit of profit. Then when a buyer buys the game they go to the game key website and the game is no longer on a deal its gone up to full value so the seller is then going to be out of profit so they cancel the order.

Or another reason the game website has run out of stock these sellers never own any game codes that’s why its not instant delivery i only buy now on instant delivery but game flip do nothing about it cos there making money out of the sales they do get from the sellers so i think just turn a blind eye while the buyer has to wait for refunds to go back in to there accounts i had 3 in the same day and no action was taken buy game flip

Hello @Craig_Ballantyne,

Sorry for the inconvenience this has caused you.

When this happens, you can feel free to report the seller to us so we can further investigate the account and keep a watch on the seller ok.

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Hi i sent the order numbers in to game flip a while back the seller got a warning but it continues to happen .What game flip should be doing making these sellers only be able to sell instant and this will stop it but nothing happens.

choose another seller

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Hello @Craig_Ballantyne,

Thanks for the feedback.

I will take your idea to the team and see what they think ok.

In the meantime, keep in mind that we are doing our best to avoid inconveniences like this and as said before, if this happens again please report it to us.

God Speed! :trident: