Avoid this seller : Super Deals GC

Never try to buy Amazon Gift Card form this seller : @superdealgc

I’ve lost more than 10 days waiting for many transaction to be verified by gameflip and to recieve card from this seller

I did it 3 times with this seller, i thought there was a bug or someone bought card before me, but seller state he deliver in 3 days, he keep me waiting until 3rd days and then cancel

Other than wasting 10 days, I had like more than 300 USD account balance i can’t withdraw it (it was for a friend who did not understood what happened, not even for me)

Fortunately i found a seller that listed the product that i was looking for

I’m not the only one who opened a topic and complained about this seller

I’m not a new user, my account is verified, there is no reason to cancel.

I think this seller is listing product for an other reason than selling card ( i don’t know exactly what)

I think GameFlip should do something about this kind of seller

Bonus: and he don’t even reply to you message = )

I’ve purchased cards from him twice. First one was rather quickly, second one took a little longer, but I received both $500 cards and I haven’t had an issue yet. Perhaps he just ran into a supplier issue.

He don’t answer messages, neither explain

@duttypaul needed on time answer messages, You didn’t answer answer , when you replied I didn’t was online im not online 24 hours, before as I said delivery needed do it frame time, if delivery time passes gameflip send me warnings about it
As before i said ask me if im ready for delivery code order it,

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