Bought 2 gift cards that were rejected because they were purchased fraudulently.

I sent in a ticket and am waiting response but I wanted to see if anyone on has gone through this and got their money back. I bought 2 gift cards from a seller. They both totaled $270. I placed my order at the online store with the gift card code and rated the seller as soon as I placed my order. A couple of days later I find out that my order in which i used the gift cards was cancelled because the gift card was purchased fraudulently. The seller had a good rating and i rated the seller because my order originally went through. The proof I sent in was a short email I got from the store telling me why my order was cancelled. I’m just worried I am going to lose $270. Do you guys think I’ll get my money back. I’m just looking for feedback calm me down while I wait 2 to 4 days for my ticket response. Also unfortunately I had to add funds in order to buy these and if you add funds you cant withdraw them back. Hopefully if I get money I can get my funds back, because I really dont want to try big purchases on here after this. Thanks for those that respond

Same issue here , hoping GAMEFLIP can solve the issue soo

Can you please send me via PM your invite code?