Sekiro key removed... checking status


per my previous thread:

i’ve not seen a reply to my ticket yet, and I am unsure you received my pic proof that the game is not on my steam account as you requested as i did not see a reply yet to this email sent on 4/9 (and follow ups on 4/10 & 4/12). Sorry to be a pest, but i’m hoping to play the game, and i would like for this refund/replacement to happen soon!

Please let me know the status and ETA of my request. Thank you!

Message @DunnBiscuit with ticket ID.

the ticket it is referenced in the thread that i linked:


I am unable to message mods. It gives me an error:

“Sorry, you cannot send a personal message to that user.”

(also mentioned in the linked thread)


That’s why i 'm asking here, as i’m not having much luck via ticket reply and cant message mods.

Hopefully not being a pest, but i would really like to get this one resolved so i can move on to more important things.

Open tickets might take a few business days to get answered, since you shared the number in this particular case I could answer it.

Thank you.

Thank you. i’m hoping we can resolve this quickly. I’m on the 3rd round of verification request of my steam account which is a head scratcher as you have my gameflip account linked to my steam account via steamlink ID, and screenshots were provided showing my account with follow up questions asking if that is my account? =/

Proof should be in the steam link…

If you could act on this now i would appreciate it. I really wanted to play this game over the weekend. You should have everything in the thread to prove evidence that i did not receive what i paid for.

I appreciate it.

Ticket id 423290

Hi @DunnBiscuit, checking back in on this. I sent you a PM friday once again with the details. I have answered 4 rounds now of verification questions. You should have everything you need as evidence on my case. Can you please issue me my refund?

I’m hoping to have this wrapped up by 4/19 which is plenty of time. If not by then, i’ll just forward all my info here to my bank and issue a chargeback. I REALLY don’t want to do that though! Please respond by then? :slight_smile:

good morning @DunnBiscuit, any luck finishing up this request today?

Can i please get a reply? I’m concerned that the support team is not going to address my issue. We are going on 2 weeks now with 3 responses simply asking for more info!

I have sufficient evidence here to prove to my bank that promised goods were not delivered which can warrant a chargeback dispute. Please lets not go there. I hate dealing with banks as much as i’m sure you do. This seller should not be protected and allowed to scam people!!!

Checking back in on this… !

There is no need to spam the post here and also PM me.

One single PM is enough.

I’ll check the PM so we can continue any conversation over there.

Thank you.