Scammed by seller - Steam product code removed from account after activation + transaction complete

Help, i just got scammed! What do i do?

For this purchase:
Sold by Ghost888,

i redeemed the key on April 2nd to my steam account. As the redemption was successful, i marked the transaction completed. Today, April 8th, i received the attached image notification from steam informing me that the seller obtained this key through fraudulent means and removed the game from my account. Apparently this seller is selling keys obtained in a way that violates Steam’s terms of service agreement.

As i WAS able to redeem the key and marked the transaction completed, how do i get this transaction refunded/cancelled? Alternately, how do i contact this buyer and demand he sends me a valid legit key as the steam message suggests? It would seem that once you click complete, gameflip protects the seller from the buyer in every way, even from being contacted. It is a shame that this seller is still committing fraud to other people with the same game sales.

order details:
Order ID


Apr 2, 2019


$38.99 USD

Processing Fee

$1.26 USD

Order Total

$40.25 USD

If i am unable to get this resolved, i am certainly never using this service again.

Hi there, please stick to one thread. You can create ticket here and send all evidence you have. With this you will be provided with a refund and seller will be suspended. It must be frustrating getting you game revoked :frowning:

Thank you, apologies i created the second post to the help section as i was unsure if this portion of the forum was only for other user feedback and i was hoping for an admin’s help. I appreciate the prompt reply! I have created a ticket and it is now in the system for review. Thank you again for your response!

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Hello. Yesterday and today I faced with same problem too. You have to send this information on and wait for answer. Unfortunately we both were scammed, but I hope that gameflip team help us.

They will just patiently wait for an answer.