Can I sell an Origin account on here?

I know there are other sites where you can sell them, but this one sounds very secure… I was just wondering.

Hi DR501st, I am not an admin, but i am about 75% sure that you are not allowed to sell any accounts on here. Currently it is only steam games and other downloadable games. But for physical accounts i dont think so.
Of course you should still wait for an answer by an admin but I dont think so.

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Thanks for reaching out to us and asking. As of right now technically no. The main reason (not saying you would) is that people could recover their accounts after the sale and basically scam someone.

Thanks Bur for reconfirming. That should help everyone fully understand.
maybe in a few days ill do an update for that for you guys.

Ok, thanks for the info! If anyone does know of anywhere I can, that would be great. Recently got an Xbox One, and barely use the games on my origin account now.

Thanks again!

sorry i dont. good luck though.