Scammer trying to scam me

For the past 8 days, my list has been on dispute. Basically what happen was some guy bought my hexed on a game called Rocket League. Eventually, I got into his game and delivered the item. Then, the guy says, I am not the guy from gameflip (like some random would know I was selling on gameflip) Eventually, I got the guy to admit that it was him and his friend told him to try and do that to see if he could get away with it. I have sent a lot of evidence through request email and through the dispute support. I have not received one reply except one from the gameflip zendesk which just asked are you still dealing with this issue. I responded saying yes I am and I need the money. Can anyone help me? I have the order ID and my invite code if necessary.

I have the order ID and my invite code if necessary.

Post it in this thread so the moderator can help you when they’re online again, or you can private message them it. The Message button will appear when you’ve browsed the forums for 15+ minutes.


Post the support ticket number so the mods can help you. Otherwise they have no idea who you are on the website.

Ok thank you.
Order ID: 6eae4155-2533-41ad-a0a8-c8ab2475ef3b

The ticket number is #330020


Sorry for the late reply. I just answered your ticket.

Thank you.