I sold my items last week and i still dont have the money?

I sold my items last week and i still dont have the money in my wallet when will i get paid?

Do you see the items you sold in https://gameflip.com/listings/sold ?
Do they have a “Completed” ribbon over them?
Both the buyer and seller have to rate each other to complete the sale.

Please note that if you were “notified” that you sold something in the comments section of a listing then that was a scammer.

If you do see those listings as sold in gameflip.com/listings/sold then leave your invite code so a moderator can help you.

it says i havent even sold anything but i got an email saying the payments will be in my wallet within 24hours

Can you open that email’s info and see the “from:” address? Is it from a @gameflip.com address?


That scammer got your email address somehow. You should read the selling guide to avoid problems like this.

Emails from Gameflip come from
so add that address to your contacts list or check https://gameflip.com/listings/sold as the primary source

dang it is there anyway i can get the items back they were worth 100 dollars

You probably posted your email address on your listing or comment, didn’t you? When you do that, you’re making yourself a target for phishing.

i didnt post my email


Unfortunately there is no way of refunding this since the transaction happened outside Gameflip.

Please, see the selling guide as @galacticarm sent, so you can avoid this in the future.