not receiving cash from sale

i sold a rocket league dissolver the cash has however not been given to my wallet it also doesnt show up in the activity tab i have already made a support ticket i gave however yet to recieve a reply what can i do?

Were you notified by this or this? Those are scammers.

Is this your first sale? Please read this selling guide and see if you followed its steps. Have both you and the buyer rated each other? If you did then the money would appear in your wallet a few seconds later.

i followed the steps upto the rating this because the sale is not under sold

How did you know your Dissolver was sold? Please post the URL to the listing.

i know it was sold bcuz it said he paid

here is the url

That URL shows “Not Found Item not found or is no longer available!”
Can you screenshot the “it said he paid”?

cant get that notification it said it in the comments of my listing i can however get this

All comments in listings are written by regular users. That was a person pretending to be Gameflip tricking you into delivering the item even though that person never paid. If you listing was actually paid/sold, it would appear in with a “SOLD” ribbon.

Do you have the link to the user who gave you the fake message? You can use the report button or post it here so they get banned.

i dont have a direct link to his account i do however know his steam user name

If you see those fake comments in the future, you can click on their avatar to go to the profile and use the Report button so they eventually get banned, and the Block button so they instantly can’t comment on your listings anymore. Please read the selling guide again if you still have doubts.

is there a way that i can get my skin/money back though?
im broke af

The scammer never paid any money, so there is no money to refund. You could report the Steam account to though.

here is the conversation i had with him btw

21:33 - LogiX: Hey
21:33 - qautix: hi
21:34 - LogiX: Are you the seller of the Dissolver on gameflip?
21:34 - qautix: yes
21:34 - LogiX: Well i just bought it
21:34 - qautix: ok
21:34 - qautix: let me check
21:34 - LogiX: sure
21:35 - qautix: i see ill trade it in game
21:35 - LogiX: sure man
21:36 - LogiX: ty ill confirm and rate now
21:36 - qautix: ok ty for buying it
21:36 - LogiX: np man
21:37 - LogiX: just confirmed and left a good rating
21:38 - LogiX: you should receive the money within like 30 minutes but it could take up to 2 hours
21:40 - LogiX: you understand?
21:42 - LogiX: ?
21:46 - LogiX: hello?
21:48 - LogiX: well i have to go man have a nice day
21:48 - LogiX: Bye
21:48 - LogiX is now Offline.

When both sellers and buyers have rated each other (a manual human action), the system will automatically and almost instantly credit the seller. When the scammers say “30 minutes 2 hours to receive money” they are lying so that you will wait and do nothing.

i see well this is my first time selling an item on gameflip i had this skin and wanted to sell it to get a new controller old one broke and im to broke to get one so im pretty much fucked now