didn't get my money?

I sold an Item in rocket league but I didn’t get my money.

Did you deliver it to the buyer yet? If so, you have to mark it as shipped and then both you and the buyer have to rate each other to complete the transaction.

where can I mark it to “shipped”?
because I delivered the item to the buyer, but he instantly blocked me :confused:
because there stands “DRAFT”

When you go to your listings and select the item you sold, you can mark it as shipped.

Have you contacted Gameflip support to let them know what happened? Make it clear you have recorded proof and what the buyer did to you. People like this need to be caught and suspended. Did the buyer put your listing under review saying they didn’t receive it?

Message Gameflip support at:


Hi I have the same problem I never received my money and I deleted the listing straight after I gave the item to my buyer because I thought someone else would try and buy it. Can Anyone help?

Did you correctly follow the instructions on how to sell Rocket League items? If the buyer bought your item, the listing would automatically be marked as Sold/Pending and no one else would be able to buy it, therefore you wouldn’t need to delete the listing. Did you get a confirmation in the Notifications or Sold page?

This is the last email i got and i never received my money.

Could you press the ⋮ button on that email to see the full email address of the sender? Is it actually from @gameflip.com ?

Please post your invite code so a moderator can help you.

I think it is a fake e-mail.

@thatguy123, contact me via PM so i can prvide you further help.


Was the email

Also is there a way to report a user in gameflip for scamming?

You can report the user by clicking their icon (go to their profile) on the Gameflip website.

Gameflip emails should come from @gameflip.com address. It looks like the scammer got your email address somehow and tricked you into sending the item that was never paid for. To make sure someone actually paid for your item, go to your sold listings tab to see that it’s “In Progress”. When you deliver the item, you can verify that person is the actual buyer by asking them the order ID, which only you and the buyer would know.

As for your Dissolver, it is considered as a “transaction outside of Gameflip”, so there is nothing to get it back. Please read the selling guide so you can avoid scammers like this.

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Ok thank you.

Omg the same buyer i sold for him dissolver and all my inv too but i didn’t get the money!