I haven't gotten paid

So I gave Someone 3 body’s 1 topper and 3 wheels and 1 trail on rocket league. But I haven’t gotten my money/credits on the app. I looked it up and it said the buyer has to rate me then I rate him but he won’t so will I not get paided?

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So if he doesn’t rate me it will give me an auto rate and I will get money added to my game flip account correct

The person who “bought” all my items has them currently but it still says there up for sale so what do I do?

Can you give me link to items you “sold”?

Hey there!

Check out this awesome item I found on Gameflip: Endo Skyblue Octane Zsr Fml Gt Unicorn. https://gameflip.com/item/1e1dc778-5a03-4ebb-8695-b1d31225a76b

You were scammed by an impersonator unfortunately.

For this to happen, you might not have followed the proper procedure for selling Rocket League items. This can include giving the buyer your contact information publicly before the item was purchased, the fake buyer giving you his contact information before buying the item, or not waiting 10+ minutes after the item was purchased to send the item. Unfortunately, since this transaction did not take place within Gameflip, we are unable to assist you further.

Please review the instructions on selling Rocket League items to make sure you are selling correctly and to protect yourself in the future:

Please note: as it is clearly stated in the comment sections of every listing, comments are written by the marketplace users. Gameflip will never write comments on listings.


So my items are gone and I can’t do anything