Buyer will not Complete Transaction upon receiving his Purchase, and makes Dispute!

Are you serious!!! Jesus… The amount of effort they put into scamming Online Stores is just mind boggling. Buy your sh*t and get out, it’s simple. Why do these people have to spend hours of OUR and their days just to scam a $2 refund lmao.

Definitely and that’s what I was trying to say earlier I would have refunded the dude given I had the ability to but I already sent the item to him to approve lol, But to avoid ruining my perfect rep I would have refunded it lol I’m not losing rep over some 3$ sale

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Hello Mikesmith1331,

Asking for a refund after successfully receiving the item is considered a scam attempt. The user was permanently banned from our marketplace.


Good call.

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You can request to have your negative feedback removed if the feedback is not valid

Dude that sucks good things its sorted out and he’s gone c:

I agree with you