Would like an unfair bad rating to be removed

A customer makes a purchase of a Fortnite In-Game item, within 5 mins of him making his order and sending his first msg I ask him for his account name so i can deliver his item (since he didnt add it when making his order), The dude takes 2 days to respond and sends msgs saying “i need my stuff right now” etc while he hasn’t even given me his player name yet…, And then finally after adding me and taking his order he leaves a bs bad review saying i do late deliveries and i was ignoring him and delivering other buyers… Which is TOTALLY UNFAIR since it was his fault for not giving his player name and delaying the order himself but he instead accuses me for all this.

I have attached screenshots of the convo. To prove my request, Would like a mod to help remove this unfair rating @DunnBiscuit

My inv code: Q4MFVG


People really don’t appreciate our time… they want everything instant… I’v had many issues like this but, nothing to worry about, you got ur money, you did your job by sending the items to buyer, just wait for Dunn he will fix this, Poor ratings really affect us, a decent percent of people is really watching the ratings…

Just keep going man, good luck

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Hello! I was able to remove this bad rating.

Thank you.

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Well said man and thx for ur kind words totally agree with you, I try my best to keep calm when dealing with ppl like this but sometimes ■■■■ just doesn’t end up well lol

Good luck to you too

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Thanks man!

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