Where is the staff here?

Why does it take 5-7 days for a ticket regarding money being held to be answered?

This isn’t just about me having to wait 6 days for an answer, but others too.

Why did I have to make daily forum posts, and spam the support ticket before FINALLY getting a refund, only to dispute another transaction because people are trying to take advantage of your lack of replying to get money out of people.

Scammers know that it takes multiple days to get an answer from support here, and they’re hoping that people just give up and release the money to them because it’s frustrating dealing with support.

Why let this happen?

Do we need to start messaging SK Gaming and ESL letting them know a site they’re partnered up with is infested with people trying to steal from others and the support doesn’t even reply in a timely manner?

This guy is a scammer btw when someone eventually reads this.

He blocked me so I cannot comment on his posts, but he tried to sell me 2 codes that were already claimed, once I started commenting that he was scamming, he refunded and blocked.

Currently has 15 listings, careful dealing with them.

Hello, if you have any issue with any item you purchase you must open a dispute.

With the dispute open no money will be sent to the seller.

Please check below how to open a dispute properly:

Also, if you have any issues, please contact me directly via PM. I’m here almost every day, so I’ll be able to help you.

Thank you.