Support tells me I have 4 days to respond: I respond instantly.

I responded instantly to their request for more information, and I mean like maybe 15-20 seconds after the message, on Thursday.

It’s Sunday, almost Monday now. Haven’t heard a single thing from them.

The 4 days I was “given” to reply will be up, so does this mean I lose my money because support on this site is like 3 people and they refuse to work Friday, Saturday, Sunday?

How are scammers/fake sellers allowed to keep us held without our money for days on end on this site?

Is there really no better option for a service like this?

Gameflip, you seriously need to expand the staff here. The fact that it takes 4 days for a simple refund is beyond unacceptable.

Maybe we need to start bothering the SK Gaming players and Organization to finally get some help around here since it’s their “preferred marketplace.”

Hello, opened tickets may take longer to get answered as I told you before.

If you need help, you can contact me via PM as also said.

I know some cases are taking more than expected to get an answer but right now, we have a very large influx of tickets, and this might cause delays regarding the answering time.

Posting “threats” here won’t help you or speed up the process and might get your Forum account suspended.

Thank you for your comprehension.