Contact for Gameflip? Here's my questions

I just seen a topic someone posted about being shafted out of some White Apex, and the seller giving him a story about being out of town and “accidentally” hit deliver. While I agree the dude should read the guidelines something as simple as “if you don’t rate, you can’t dispute” could easily be missed. Because there isn’t a telephone number for customer service, all you can do is submit a claim, and wait sometimes 10 days, it creates a way for scammers to do somethings before admins can address it. I had a guy try the same thing with some keys I bought, he marked them shipped. I waited 24hrs and filed a dispute, and the dude issued a refund. So for all the attempts they fail, all they have to do is issue a refund and it’s never looked into again. Pretty crappy in my opinion. There is plenty of stuff that goes on against the “terms of service” and it’s never addressed. So essentially dude got jipped out of $180 and staff essentially tells him “tough. It’s done, he’s been paid, you are outta luck.”
My question is this, what is being done to get caught up on “influx of tickets”? Is response time going to continue to increase? Has any other alternate methods of getting help been considered? I personally think a live chat feature would be key. It would eliminate LOADS of tickets as well as cutting down on the scams. Allow people to volunteer for this, obviously they shouldn’t be able to see customers information, but instead answer alot of questions that many people don’t have the answers for.

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Thanks for reaching out.

Please check the answers you are seeking below:

“Is response time going to continue to increase?”
No, in fact, it is already diminishing since we are working to take down all the tickets queues to 0. It is not an easy task to do, but we are getting there.

“Has any other alternate methods of getting help been considered?”
Yes, we are studying other methods including Live Chat and getting new hires, unfortunately, we don’t have an estimate on those yet though.

For now, any ticket or report that are taking longer than expected to be addressed may be reported directly to me here. I’m here every day and I’ll do my best to address all of those.

The users should also read the guidelines regardless of the support methods we have available to avoid any issue when using our website.

Thank you.

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